Emmabodafestivalen - Info in english

The nonprofit organisation Vinterbadarna has been running Emmabodafestivalen since 1988. The first festival lasted for just a day with just one artist on the line-up. It has since then evolved into a 5-day festival with 50 different artist on different stages.



How much do the tickets cost?
Tickets can be bought here.
Tickets are also available at our wristband exchange.

Why electronic tickets?
Cheaper for you and for us, which leaves more for the line up.
The bar code makes forgeries virtually impossible. Print-your-own also takes away the second hand market.

E-tickets also makes it easier for our foreign visitors to buy tickets in advance.

N.B! Only buy tickets from Nortic or directly from our own wristband exchange at the festival entrance.

How to pay for tickets?
Credit card, Visa or Mastercard.

How do I get my tickets?
You get an e-mail with an attached PDF-file, which you print.

When do I get my tickets?
The E-mail is sent to you as soon as payment reaches us, normally within an hour.

What if I dont have a printer?
Tickets can be printed on any printer, save the file on a portable medium or open your mail on a computer with printer.

Outlook Express says I dont have access to the file for security reasons?
Some versions of e-mail programmes denies access to attached files. Start Outlook Express. Click options and go to security, untick the box marked: Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be avirus. Close Outlook and restart it. Now you should be able to open the attachment.

Can I print the ticket more than once?
You can print as many as you want, still only one person can enter. If your ticket is lost or torn you can print a new. Please note that this makes it impossible to buy tickets from other persons.

Do you refund tickets?
No, sorry.

If you need further info please contact our support:
support@nortic.se tel +46 (0)455 61 97 00


Where can I find the lineup?
Look under "artister"

When is the festival taking place?
24th of july to the 28th of july (Tuesday - Saturday).

When do the camp site open?
The festival opens tuesday at 18.00 and closes on sunday at 12.00. If you arrive at the festival before the area opens, you will be reffered to the outside areas.

Can I buy a daypass?
Yes, but only for the last day, Saturday.

When is xxxx performing?
Complete running orders will be posted on the website as soon as it is confirmed.


Is parking included?
No but parking is available for 200 SEK. Cash only!

Where can we park our trailer/caravan?
There is a trailer park only 50 meters from the main entrance. Tickets for trailer/caravan you will find at Nortic.


It is forbidden to throw items on the festival area, especially in front of the stages.

During the rest of the year the area is used for animals and barefoot children, for this reason glass bottles are prohibited at the festival.

Is there an age limit?
The festival has an 18-year limit. Prepare to show your ID in the wristband exchange.

Prohibited items:
All kinds of weapons, firearms and knives, glass bottles, narcotics, nitrous oxide cartridges, pets and friends without valid passes.

You wont need any permanent markers or cans of spray paint at the festival. Please dont bring any communication equipment such as walkie talkies as that may interfere with our systems. We also do not allow acid-powered car batteries.

Objects considered unsuitable or dangerous by the security staff, will be taken care of and returned at the end of the festival. Illegal objects will not be returned.

Advertising, propaganda, marketing or sales is not allowed without our permission.

All illegal objects are naturally prohibited at the Festival. If illegal items are found, it may result in that the propriator is rejected from the area and his/her wristband is cut off.

Is it allowed to drink alcohol on the festival?
Swedish law prohibits anyone under the age of 18 from consuming alcoholic beverages.

Can I crowd surf?
To avoid accidents crowd surfing is strictly prohibited.

Can we make a camp fire?
Strictly no fires this year, not even camp stoves, because of the risk of fire in the heat and drought.

Can we bring our sofa?
No sofas and other padded furniture is not allowed. Camping stools etc are ok.

Please dont bring any party tents, they take up too much space at the camping area and in the garbage containers afterwards.

If an accident happens?
A health care tent is available in the festival area and are marked on the festival map. In case of emergency call 112. Tip is to always make sure your phone is charged, to keep track of your friends and to use main roads at night.

Remember to take care of each other and tell our staff if something feels wrong.


Where can I buy food?
All you vegetarians, vegans and carnivores can fill your bellies with food from the vast variation of cuisine from food trucks available at the festival area.

Can I buy drinks at the festival?
The Rassle bar serves beer, wine, cider, water, softdrinks, cocktails and covfefe. You can also visit our own brewery. Remeber to bring your ID.


How do I get to Emmaboda?
Train to Emmaboda station. The festival is approximately 2 kms or 20 mins walk from the station.
Festivalbussen.se which has a total of 32 departures.
Carpool with friends.

Lost something?
You will find Lost and found at the entrance.

Do you replace torn/broken wristbands?
Sorry, the only way is to buy a new.

Can I charge my phone?
Powerbanks are available at merch shed. Youll be able to trade your uncharged powerbank for a fully charged one during the whole festival. Please bring your own charger to connect to the powerbank.

Are there any showers?
There are cold water showers, water toilets and portable toilets at the festival area. You also can have nice warm showers at the swimming pool area, only 200 mtrs south of the main entrance.

Why dont you supply toilet paper?
We didnt want to burden you with the costs. The costs of maintenance and supply were running up towards 20 times that of letting each one take care of their own needs.

Is it going to rain during the festival?
Of course not, but you may want to check here

If I want to perform at the festival?
Please send us some sounds and we will listen.

Contact information:
Email : info(at)emmabodafestivalen.se